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Oct 3, 2013
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Hey y'all!

I have a question that hopefully somebody can chime in on and help me out.

Just finished a complete scratch build, semi-scale AGM-84 Harpoon, BT-80, 24" nose to tail. Didn't do the funky hat on the nose cone like TLP does-just used the Big Bertha cone. Everything else was done in Open Rocket, weight in the nose, stable on high C's and low D's, etc. Baffle tube is at the point of gray to white in the pic, and many thanks to hcmbanjo for his tutorial on the tail shroud-took some effort, but turned out excellent!

My question is decal placement. I have a sheet from Excelsior before his Alps died on him, but there's really no clear photos after scouring the Interwebs of where the fin/wing decals go. The bolts are a given, as most of the hatch panels. Best pic I have is from The Zoghlin Rocket Workshop (the full size model on the right), but it's low-rez images. Planning on using trim Monokote for the tube stripes-seen different color variations. All black, black, blue, silver, black, blue, orange, etc. Two bands on the booster section, blah, blah, blah.

This isn't for a show, or scale entry (obviously), but I'd like to at least get the decals reasonably placed. Any suggestions/photos would be greatly appreciated!


Harpoon 2.jpgHarpoon 3.jpgHarpoon1.jpgharpoon8.jpg


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Sep 30, 2010
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Sorry for the 5 month later reply....

I wouldn't recommend copying my Harpoon design. My detail placement had more to do with good photo's on the pad then missile accuracy. For example - I placed the missile designation at the top against a silver backdrop, on the opposite side of my rail buttons for a good photo on the rail, vs where is should be. My color choices also don't existing in the real world. My worst sin; several of the markings are from different variations of the Harpoon, but I put them all on one missile....

My baseline was some good photo's available online of the real harpoon, which would be a better model if you are looking for accuracy