Harness setup SD Chute Release delayed deployment?

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Nov 27, 2014
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I am building a 4" Mac Performance Sky Scraper and am thinking of experimenting with a single deploy with a Chute Release delayed deployment. Never tried it with a 10 - 11lb rocket and so I am thinking of using a drogue. Questions, will a 9" drogue be suited for a 10 -11lb rocket? Is the diagram below a good setup?

NC----58" Main-----9" Drogue----------------BT

That is kind of hard to say. I would try it and if it doesn't keep the nose cone and the CR bundled main above the BT on the way down, move up to a 12". I would move up in 3" sized until I got the apogee to main deploy flight profile I'm looking for.
Personally, I felt the stock 9" drogue provided with my Binder Excel w/DD was not large enough to keep things falling in order after watching its first flight. When the main came out things got pretty tangled. I moved up to a 12" TFR chute and have been happy with that for another 8 flights or so. That rocket typically comes in around 9 lbs. pad weight.
Thanks Handeman and woferry. I will wait till I have a final weight and then chose a size for the drogue, something larger than a 9" to start with.