Hardware to connect MAC Performance canvas tubing?

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Sep 5, 2009
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What are people using to connect av-bay couplers to MAC canvas tubing (3" in particular)?

1. Click shank nylon rivets
2. Drill and tap for machine screws (no nut inside the coupler)
3. T-nut epoxied inside coupler, maybe with wood backing
4. PEM nuts
5. Other?

I have used all the above methods other than PEM nuts on other materials. I am feeling lazy and may just go with the easiest option: #1

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I used PEM nuts on the original 3" Arcas I built. They have held up just fine for several flights, no signs of loosening.
With fiberglass tubing I've had great success with #2, and plan to do it on my Rayzor in build-stage now. I've never had luck with #1, maybe it's just the madcow ones I've used, but I found them fiddly and difficult. I switched to weld nuts epoxied inside the av-bay (similar to #3, but flat), but I didn't get a good bond to the stainless steel, and one of them broke free.