Happy Thanksgiving

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Jan 18, 2009
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I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Dont eat to much:p
Originally posted by Bowhunter
Dont eat to much:p
That's what Turkey Day is all about.
Eating...napping....eating...maybe another nap.... ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
I dunno 'bout y'all, but for me, this is the first day I've had in a good 3 weeks that I have time to do any building! So before the game comes on (and maybe a little during the game), and before the turkey hits the table, I've got glue on my Deuce and a coat of primer on my Drake, in addition to a handful of little repairs here and there that have been getting lonely without me.

For that, I am truly thankful!

I'm up in N. Carolina for the holidays again this year. It's nice to be with the family up here. While I'm here hopefully I'll hook up with some local TRFers for some frosty mug beverages or at least a "hello."

Happy Thanksgiving all. Watch some football and munch on a turkey leg. :D
im eating all that i can, sleeping for probably an hour, then a turkey sandwich, and then i will catch some football. muhahahaha.
Happy turkey day!

what are YOU thankfull for?


My wife and kids

Being able to support them with a business built from scratch (the ultimate scratch build...)

The support of all of my customers and friends.

Necco waffers :)
"Dont eat to much"!!!!

Too late for that warning...... We've done ate the main meal, waiting for a hour or so, then we'll dig into the all of the pies!!!!! too many to count.....

Happy Thanksgiving everyone..........
Happy Thanksgiving :D

Me, I am taking a break... because for the next two days I will be extremely busy ... Working in Retail....

I am going to be a runner.... when a guest needs something from the backroom, I will check to see if we have it, and walkie it to the people in the back pulling stuff... and then I will get the products to the guest. It is going to be a very busy day.
were having the traditional hectic forget to cook the vegetarians dinner dinner

happy thanksgiving everyone :D
have a nice black friday doug...muhahahaha. i used to work in retail. the day after thanksgiving(dubbed black friday) was absolutely insane. the absolute biggest shopping day of the year.
Happy Thanksgiving all!

I am about to dig in! It is going to be soooo good...mmmmmmm....

Anyway, I also did some VERY needed building and fixing. That was a good way to spend my day. Tomorrow, I plan to go and see if I can get some sales early at the hardware stores..I bet they are having BIG sales! Especially the Lowe's that is about to relocate! mmmm, I cannot wait until they have their all-out sale to get rid of everything before the move! Also, Radioshack is having a big sale too!

Got to go eat though! Happy holidays!

We had a 22+ lb Turkey, free from Shaw Supermarket... It was the best Turkey I had in years... came out nice and juicey.... mmm.... I had to control myself... mmmm.

Looking forward to Turkey sandwhiches for the rest of the week.
UUUUUuuuuggggg We just got back from the family gettogether and I cant move. But I did get my own pumpkin pie and Its gone
i ate both drum sticks of a 23lbder, not easy, but i did it. i started watching the lions game, and then i just fell asleep. after that game, i went back and had some blueberry pie, some fudge brownies, and some chocolate delight bars, oh, and one slice of chocolate creme pie. now im just eating turkey skin until i pass out.