Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jan 18, 2009
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I want to wish all of you TRF'ers a Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with turkey, family, friends, rockets, and all that other good stuff! Very special thoughts and prayers to those who are missing family and friends this year.

We're doing Thanksgiving Plan B this year, as the flu came to our house this past week. The first one down is recovered and will be hitching a ride to the family gathering. A second kid is sprawled out on the sofa, and the rest of have dodged it so far. I've always wanted to try brining a turkey so that's soaking now and I'll build a simple meal around that.

What are your plans for celebrating today?:cheers:
Happy Turkey Day everyone! Just a relaxing morning here but this afternoon we'll head over to my brother's house for the big family gathering (less the Indiana part of the family).
Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Just spending some quiet time with the immediate family. No traveling, no having to listen to people I don't agree with, just food and rockets in store for today.
Happy Turkey Day!! It is over here, but every day you wake up on this side of the soil line is a good thing.