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Jan 17, 2009
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Black Friday is here!
Im going to keep it short and sweet. FIRST
With any MADCOW, MAC PERFORMANCE, WILDMAN order you place during their black sale you will receive a coupon with a code. these codes are good until the end of January. that will give you a little time to decide what you are doing! IF by chance you DON'T get a coupon (we ran out before) just contact me and have a receipt ready.. I will honor the discount)
Since LOC rockets will come from SUppliers not the manufacturer I am offering 25% off all LOC decals until the end of january use code LOCBLACK at checkout
Stickershock Special.. this Special is good today(thanksgiving) through Saturday November 30th midnight ish (yep thats only 3 days SO GET IN ON THIS NOW!!!! you can get your Madcow wildman etc later!!)
USE CODE BLACK40 at checkout and get 40% off EVERYTHING you can ADD TO CART that is NOT part of the MADCOW,WILDMAN MAC LOC sale sale..
PLEASE NOTE!!!!!! MANY ITEMS CROSSOVER and are part of "madcow wildman etc" especially military missiles. (these are in ALL categories.. so if you need one and its NOT part of the manufacturers sale contact me ill honor the 40% off) SO my website MAY NOT LET YOU USE THE BLACK 40 coupon on some items. ALSO if you try to use two coupons and its part of more than one catagory you may run into the same problem.. SO IF YOU DO RUN INTO THIS ISSUE PLEASE CONTACT ME ([email protected]) give me a list of the items you want.. with all the details (sizes colors circumference etc) and I will send you an invoice with the proper discounts!
Stickershock has the final decision on what is in what catagory and what discount applies. IF you place an order and my website allows it when it should not (due to categories crossing over this is possible.. IM SO SORRY but there is HUNDREDS of items that fit in this changing them for 3 days is just too much work) I have the right to ask for additional money to cover this. or possible reject the order (i doubt that will happen)
ALL discounts apply ONLY TO ITEMS YOU CAN ADD TO CART! discounts CANNOT be combined (one discount per item only)
thanks so much for looking and remember NEVER FLY NAKED!!!!!
PS family day today and tomorrow so I wont be online much... if you need to get hold of me i might not get back to you for a while! thanks for understanding!
MArk and MArian


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Thanks Mark and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Marian.

If I put in an order with the BLACK40 coupon, could you hold on to it and combine shipping for when I get my Madcow and Mac Performance coupons?

cheers - mark