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Jan 26, 2009
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just ordered my aerotech mustang and arreaux off e hobbies, along with some micro max rockets and some engines...

:D :D :D

3-7 days... comon fedex dude... fly like the wind.
I've got an arreaux. That thing is fast!! Be careful with reload casings in it, I wouldn't risk mine!
yeah, I am sure if you put the micro maxx engines in the arreaux you won't have any trouble. never mind :)

just a question, with the d engine converters how high do these things fly?
My arreaux got almost 1600' on a G38 motor. Put a G80 in there, it will be gone. I wish I modded mine so there was no baffle....I would like to fly it on a I69 if I could.
i needed something more than little estes kits for when i go up with the local rocket club for the first time this summer... figured it was on sale, why not...
Well, I like mine, it's a good kit. I agree though, don't put the baffle in. My 40-120 case doesn't fit.. Like I said though, I don't know if I'd put it in anyway.

The biggest reload I've put in my Arreaux is an F40, it makes for a real nice flight. Wouldn't do it in any wind, though! No way would I put a G reload in there - a G35 puts it out of sight and I've been lucky to get it back.

On the other hand, it also flies well on an Estes E9-4. Gets about 300', but again you wouldn't want to do that in any kind of wind.

Leave out the baffle and put in an altimeter, and it would be a great extreme-altitude HPR bird. May have to try that sometime...:D
My Arreaux rocked on a G64W-10...my Mustang loves the F40W-10...

Here is a link to a site run by Alan Adamson, a TRF'r who has not posted in sometime...but he took the Arreaux and outfitted it for dual deploy.


My next Arreaux will take on long 29mm motors.
How can a 29/40-120 case not fit? That is the motor casing the arreaux is designed for. Don't be afraid of the 29mm reloads. I flew mine last time out on a F52-8T and it was great. It was clearly visible at apogee, no problem with recovery. To be honest, it was bit anticlimactic as I expected a bit more altitude. Next time the weather is good it's getting a G64-10. I think AT's altitude estimates on their motor chart are a bit optimistic. Even on the G64 I expect that the arreaux will stay below 3000'. Should be no problem to track. Fun midpower rocket. For small fields, it flies great, just not very high, on 24mm F39's and F24's.
well, i sorta like did really good in school, so my paretns decided to give me all that stuff, FOR FREE. SCORRRREEE.
If your afraid of loosing your re-load casing, just tape it around the bottom. Use the blue painters tape so it doesn't peel of the paint. I did that with my 29mm Mean Machine and used my AT reload, no problem, tape held it in.