Happy Birthday WiK!

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Jun 30, 2010
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It's a bit late in the day but have a great day WiK!
Happy Birthday pal!
Yeah, happy birthday WiK!

Soooo. Did you get any interesting rocketry-related loot ;)
Best Birthday wishes to you Wik...one of our brothers across the lake so to speak! :)

Have a good one...

Wow you kept quiet about this! Happy birthday dude!
Many happy returns, Phil, hope you've had a great day.

Another year closer towards getting the paperwork for AP! ;)

Get any cool and/or shiny stuff?
Originally posted by cydermaster

Another year closer towards getting the paperwork for AP! ;)


No mimimum age for a "License to acquire only"! ;)
Thanks all! :D

Yeah, it was great! Nothing shiny, except money :) I got a really cool card tho, it had that ACME Spitfire-inspiration cartoon on it. Now I've got to buy one to prove to them it *can* fly, so Jim, expect an order shortly! :D

I'm working on the AP papers, what I was thinking was "Another year less till I can get my own house to store them in!"

May your rockets fly straight and never lawndart..
Yeah, right! :D