Happy Birthday Sandman!

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Jul 21, 2002
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Hehe, looks like i get to be the first one to wish Sandman a happy 56th! I hope it's a good one Gordon! Be sure to fly a rocket or two. :)
Happy Birthday Sandman! Hope you have a good 'un , report back here with all the nice goodies you get ;)
Happy Birthday Sandman...people like you do not grow older, you grow wiser. Have a darned good day...in fact, take the whole day off!.
Happy B-day Gordon , hope you have a great day
Best Wishes!! Happy Birthday and hopes for many, many more!

WOW! I got two Birthday threads!

And my new copy of Rocsim arrived yesterday!

Of course it's raining and windy out!

I did get a pair of shelves yesterday i can finish to display rockets on...I think my wife wants some of the rocket clutter cleaned up.

Oh yea...two packages of the Estes Launchables "High Altitude Set" my wife found at Meijer on clearance, ($0.80 each!! WOO HOO!).
Originally posted by rocwizard
Hehe, looks like i get to be the first one to wish Sandman a happy 56th! I hope it's a good one Gordon! Be sure to fly a rocket or two. :)

Nope, I beat ya...my thread just had a cryptic title...I was in a weird mood last night.

But anyway, happy b'day again..and again!
Happy birthday sandman!!! I just finished your MMX Redstone kit, it's great! :D

Have a great day!

Happy birthday sandman......man, you're really old:D

It gives me hope that I'll make it to at least your age..

Salivations and libations on this most suspicious occasion!:D
glad to hear you got rocksim!
that is a must-have app!
especially when it's raining!!!!!

hope your having a great birthday weekend
Happy Birthday.............So soon ???

They come around fast these days, huh?

Have a great day, sandman.

Thanks for all your contributions here on TRF.
Happy B-day Sandman! Thanks for all you do for the rocketry community. Keep the custom cones and kits coming!
FIFTY Freekin' SIX years old!!!???

oh man!

!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

fifty freekin' six! wow!

So, yer telling me that if we cut you down at the ankles, that's how many rings we could count in "the sandman"???


Happy day guy. Turn a cone, then go fly it!
Dang! missed another one...I really have to start getting on the board more on the weekends:(
Hope you had a Great birthday Sandman...see feels just like 55 right;)
Many many happy returns
Thanks Guys! I really appreciate the sentiment.

...well, maybe not Jim's...

Get away from me with that chainsaw!:kill: