Happy Birthday Okturbo!!

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T-minus 1 to:

Stff knees
Pants that inexplicably shrink
A realization that you still probably have another 25 years at work

Happy 39th you whippersnapper. Next year you can sit at the adult table!

happy, happy :)

Yer catchin' up to us, ya know... :D

Problem is... *we're* catching up to *them*... :rolleyes:
39 hardly counts as a birthday, but have a GREAT one anyway, man :)
Thanks fellas...

...when did I get so old?.... 40 is sneaking up on me....

...I don't ~feel~ old...

I may just have to work on a rocket tonight. The wife can't get on to me since it's my B-Day. (She'll save it for tomorrow):D
40! dang....wish I could see 40 again:D:D

Just remember things start to happen quicker after your over the HILL....cause you'll be pickin up speed going downhill:D

Happy Birthday.. Many many happy returns.