Happy Birthday Neil!

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Jan 25, 2009
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Happy birthday to you Neil! You're getting a Golden for your b-day, right? Have fun with that dog! I'm jealous! Happy birthday again!

Thanks! Yes, I am killing the time untill I go collect the dog today... about half an hour left to kill.... Im not 13 untill 6:35 tonight, but hey.

Everyones jealous of my puppy!!!!!!!! well, untill recently, I was jealous of everyone ELSES puppy, so I guess its my turn now!:rolleyes: ;) Theres still about 5-10 ownerless puppys from these two litters.... Theres still time! If you want to catch a plane over to Maine, I am sure there are at least a couple of unspoken for pups!;) I think this ones Tofur. (dont ask me why they wanted to name a dog Tofur, please.) Hes very cute. Already spoken for, though;) . They should have little paper collars with thier names on them now, so we can tell them apart. Dont want to bring "happy" home instead of my Shannon! I still have to think up of a good AKC name.... My moms home! Time to go! Bye
Happy birthday Neil!!!!!! Are you getting any rocket stuff or just the puppy?


You are now, officially, a "teenager!"

You now know more than anybody here and can be as obnoxiuos as you want.:D

LOL! have a good one!

I am jealous...I love the smell of "puppy breath".

Happy Birthday Neil!

All the best with your teen years...perhaps we should wish your parent's luck too? :D
Happy Birthday Neil! Just think... only five more years to get your Level 1 certification.... then you can really let your rocketry skills fly :D
After 13 it's all down hill pardner, whatever ya do just dont let yerself become feebleminded in your old age, and ya best be gettin' used to the color grey, you're gonna be seein' alot of it! :D

just kiddin, but
Happy #13 anyway!! :D
Happy B-Day Neil,
I'm jealous, you can act like a 13 year old anytime you want to with out repercussions. When I do it people just roll their eyes and shake their heads!:rolleyes:
Have fun with the dog
Thanks! Yes, my parents need some good luck here... I got home with Shannon about 45 minutes ago, she did her "buisness", and is zonked out on the rug. My cats dont know what to think. I know what to think! I LOVE!!!!!!!!

Though I thought people told me this would be hard..... :confused: She slept 3/4 of the way home, and only whined for about 5-10 minutes, we got home, got her on the leash (she has never been on one before), took her to the yard, she did her thing, took her inside, took her back outside to do her other buisness, brought her back in, and she is now sleeping like an angel on the rug. Tell me where the hard part was, I cant spot it! OK. ill take a wild shot at it... "the next 10 years" seems like a good choice... Maybe when she wakes up she will start being difficult.... :confused: OK. Off to go be "a good daddy". Thanks again for the well-wishes! -Neil

I'll tell you where the hard part is!

In about four or five months she will memostly grown or about 3/4 of her full size.

She will still take naps...but...she will then have two speeds. Full on! and Full off!

She will be a 50 pound "baby" with a puppy brain!

Fun yea! But...hold on to the bar! She's gonna be a handful!

My Yellow Lab just turned 2 years and is slowing down...a little!

Enjoy the sleeping "angel" NOW!

She's gonna make mistake...just remember anger doesn't help much, she will have a short memory and she usually won't know why you are mad...and...most importantly!


happy birthday Neil....ahh to be 13 once again........
At age 13 in 1968 at the height of the Vietnam War I had been lauching and building model rockets for over a year....The Golden Age of mOdel Rocketry with estes/centuri/mpc/cox/semroc/amroc/sai/rdc,etc etc......

just remember this: every little piece of damage you do to your body will come back and start hurting u once u turn 40.......

so take good care of yourself......IF I had known I was gonna live this long I would have taken better care of myself........ maybe...
Hit? Hit? Why would any moron HIT a dog???? Hitting will NOT happen around here, you can be sure of that!

4-5 months... That should be mid-spring, shouldent it (I can hardly imagine spring when it is this stinkin cold out!)?

Dont worry, I have a 44 year old dad who makes sure I know that! :rolleyes: ;) I know hes right, but dougnuts are so good! ;) OK. Doughnuts as an occasional treat. That better? :rolleyes: ;) :p

My little "angel" is still sleeping, and doesent seem to care a bit about the food I put in her dish... That kind of suprises me, she hasent had anything to eat since this morning. Seems plenty thirsty, though. She also went at that nylabone with vigor...

Ill post some pics in a sec, I gotta resize them....
OK. Resized the best ones. Boy is that pup purty.... I got lucky, thats for sure!

Cayla (my sister) now LOVES the dog, though before a few weeks ago (when she saw Shannon...) , she despised dogs. I KNEW shed like it once she saw it.... Heres a pic of the new buddies!
Kewl! This is my 700th post! better watch out, Jim, I gainin on ya!
The poor breeder... She has to say bye-bye to 20 pups in a week and a half!:( You gotta feel sorry for her...)
OOOO! I think shes waking up now. Heres the last pic. Gotta go be daddy now. She proabably has to go.
from me also. My son just turned 13 the 29th of Jan.

Amazing how fast we grow, isnt it!;) Before ya know it he will be lookin at colleges!:eek: ;) :p

Shannon has shown that she can go from "sleeping" to "hungry" in 60 seconds flat! She devoured about 3/4 of a cup of puppy chow, and about a gallon or two of water (those things must have some kind of water tank in there somewhere....;) ). And now shes back to bed. :rolleyes:
happy birthday from us, too! Oh man, I remember turning 13. let's just say I hope you get a bigger boost in allowance than I did, so you can afford more motors. and dog food.
The only way I get to boost my allowance is if I put it in a rocket and shoot it off! If anything, it will be a decrease. Especially cause we just spent $800 on a pretty little puppy who is growing by the minute! My parents will take care of food, but somehow I still have to pay for my own motors. I wonder how that happend...;) Funding is low this winter... Not enough snow, not enough paid chores, and barely enough allowance to buy an F every once in a while. Sometimes my mom just forgets a week has gone by, and claims that I already spent my allowance (I know for a fact I didnt, but I know enough not to make a fuss over 6 bucks) . Very annoying. Im gonna start a spreadsheet sometime, I swear.

Puppies are a lot of work... So far I have brought her outside 10 times, of which 6 were actually productive.... Oh well. I should be glad it isnt still -20 degrees out! If it was, I would be in the hospital having fingers amputated right now! But she sure is fun... And cute... and she doesent bark... Just whines a very high pitched wimper when she has to go out. I am going to camp out on an inflatable matress next to the puppy room tonight. I think Ill have a bowl of cereal, let her out one more time, and then go to bed. 'night. Thisll be a restfull one....

Sorry, Neil. I missed your festivities yesterday.

Happy Belated Birthday.
Thats quite alright, I wasnt counting;) Thanks. With 1005 members on TRF, there will be a considerable amount of birthday threads! LOL. Thatd be 2-3 threads per day, if everyone got his own thread! Though a lot of the members havent posted at all/much, so we dont even know thier B-days exist! (hint hint. Post more!).