Happy Birthday Micromeister

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Dec 31, 2002
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Didn't you just have one of these last year? :D

Happy Birthday fellow rocketeer...
Have a great BIG birthday Micro! Keep the rockets micronized, but not the celebration :)
You keep trying but...I'm still older!

Have a good one!:D
Aw shoot.

Does this mean the Yard Sale's not on? ;)

In all seriousness, Happy Birthday Micro, from one of your biggest fans.

Thanks for another year of helping all of us with your incredible participation in this forum. :)
Doesn't it seem like birthdays get closer and closer together? Oh well, I guess it is better than getting a marble marker.

Have a great day---I hope you get lots of great toys!
downscale that Birthday number? Cheers Micromeister, have a great Birthday!

Gee Thanks Guys!
It great to make it past one of the days ya thought would never come when you were a PUP:D
Yeap Gordon..I bow to my elder!! Oh NOSECONE one:D:D
Thanks all
Hmmmm, so what kind of a cake do you get for Micromeister???
I know, how 'bout a cup cake!:D
Happy Birthday!!!