Happy Birthday Marty!

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Thanks for the B-Day wishes fellers. I'm busy working on my Escort Fighter and making my traditional Czech dinner of pork roast, sauerkraut, and dumplings....yum. See you all later.....Marty
Happy B-Day Marty!
Those wouldn't happen to be the old fashioned dumplings that weigh about 5lb.s each, would they? Mmmmm...those and pork gravy, some homemade bread on the side. Now that's a meal!

...eating without inviting...huh...guess I will sit here and eat my Muchunka and Beans, followed by some Houlupki, bobalki, and Holushki Noodles with Kolachi for desert...so there!!! :)

Big Happy Birthday to ya bro...hope you have a great day!

Another Brother Czech
Yacshe' Maash Poslovinski
That would be them.....secret recipe...."Bohemian Raised Loaf Dumplings".....only 2 will fit in the pot at once.

Picture this.....2 slices of dumplings on your plate, covered with roast pork. On top of that you add sweetened sauerkraut and smothered with thick pork gravy. I can almost taste it now.:D
Carl.....you have me at a disadvantage.....I can not speak the Czech lingo or even attempt to type it here. My 89 yr old Czech Grandmother wasn't allowed as a little girl to speak it. She was told....."We speak English now".

But we do have some Kolachi for desert.

Your more than welcome to come on over for the feast.:)