Happy Birthday illini868891!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well guy. A birthday, a weekend, halfway decent weather....

...sleep in and have fun!
Thanks, guys! Quite a thing joining the ranks of the elderly. Woke up this morning and suddenly my joints ached, gout was acting up, all my hair was on my pillow, had an urge to stuff all my cash in my mattress ($13.92), and I'm driving 20 miles under the speed limit. Probably get winded later just blowing out the candles!

Good day, though: Arcie II with R/C gear AND the "From the Earth to the Moon" DVD set. Woo hoo! :D
Originally posted by illini868891
... and I'm driving 20 miles under the speed limit.

With the left turn signal flashing for the past 40 miles too!! :)

Happy Birthday and welcome to the old farts group!
Happy birthday....

Now all you need is a DVD player in the shop so you can watch the movie whilst you build.

Welcome to the downhill slide!
Happy 40th! Congrats on the Arcie and the "From the Earth to the Moon" set - if you haven't seen it yet, you're in for a treat!

-Vince "just had a fantastic 3:30 flight (D12-3!) on my Arcie this afternoon, followed by a red baron (moderate damage, repairable though)" P.