Happy Birthday DPatell

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Hope you had a good brithday. And lots more to come Dan. With all kinds of rocket stuff.
Dan...WOW man...Big Happy Birthday!!!! Kinda snuck up on us, but I hope you have a great day and get everything you want!

Best Wishes,

Have a good one and build, fly, or fantasize about rockets!
Thanks guys, I've had a great day! Got out of school early, passed my Permit exam (clear the roads!!!) and then came home and launched some rockets in my backyard!!!

I flew:

Scratch Pyramid on a B6-4 for a cool 40' flight.

Estes Patriot (BT60) on an A8-3 nice 50' flight almost landed back on the pad.

and the Patriot again on a B6-4, landed on the neighbors roof! I asked them to just throw it over into my yard when it blows off, and that it will not burn their house down...

Good day all around, going to Red Lobster in a little bit!

Thanks again guys, this forum is the best.
BIG Happy B-day bro! Start the certification countdown.:D
Happy Bday....wow I am three days older than you YES....4/20....interesting date
Happy Bday! Have a good one!

T-minus several million seconds and counting (or somethin like that... You do the math!:D ;) )
Update, I got the Patriot back! Fin seperated slightly from the tube on the rough, shingle landing, but easily fixable and ready for a D or 2 at the next launch!