Happy Birthday Cyder!!!

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Jan 18, 2009
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Its the first of July!


Get anything good?

Happy birthday Cyder! Have a excellent time!

Did you treat yourself to anything rocketry related?

Well sure you did!:D

Thanks y'all!

Another year over, and I'm still none the wiser! ;)

This year I've treated myself to a few days off work, and a copy of Fedora flavour Linux.

Holiday started yesterday.
Backed up my impotant data to CDR.
Used parted to re-partition my hard drive, to make room for Fedora.
Can't boot into Windoze.
Use XP disk rescue function to attempt rescue.
Can't get Windoze to boot, but the data is all there.
Decide I need t'internet access to go googleing for help.
Carry on with Fedora install.
Fedora goes on like a dream, t'internet access setup AND working within minutes - I've never tried seting up net access from Linkux before!
Soundcard doesn't work - it registers, and I've got the latest drivers, but no joy. :confused:
Look up Windoze prob on google.
Try sugestions, get nowhere, get bored, and go back to playing with Fedora.
Spend the rest of the day trying to get sound working.
At 9:30 last night, I discover that the .conf file, for the sound-output-mixer, has the output MUTED!!! ffs!
By now, a mate has popped round with a 35cl bottle of 'Kommisarr' vodka, and a couple of cans of Red Bull, so we relax with a few mp3s and check out the groovy screensavers on Fedora.


Got up this morning, to a power cut!
No Kettle.
No Cooker.
No Toaster.
No George Formby Grill.
No Nuke.
No TV.
No Computer.
Put a final coat of paint on my Big Daddy.
Get bored.
Go shopping.
Local supermarket shut 'cos they're tills wont work without electricity.
Get bored.
4hrs later, everything 'springs' into life!
So here I am, with a pizza, cup of Earl Grey, and The Heptones on the sound system. :cool: :D

Gonna spend the next couple of hours trying to sort out my Windoze, listening to some tunes & that. Then its PUB TIME!!!!! :D
Originally posted by cydermaster

Can't boot into Windoze.
Use XP disk rescue function to attempt rescue.
Can't get Windoze to boot, but the data is all there.

Speaking of xp & disks, anyone know of a free utility that will copy an ntfs partition from one disk to another?
Cyder, hope your problems go away and you have a great tomorrow to make up for it! Do rockets!

This is a family forum Dan! ;) I spose if ya know what it means, your old enough to know. Or summat like that :confused:
Originally posted by arthur dent
erm what does ffs mean
Its a phrase very similar to "For Heaven's Sake", but choose a differant word in the middle! ;)

Still can't boot into Windoze, but I've got my Windoze partition mounted on my Fedora file system so I can still get at my data! :D