Happy Birthday CTulanko

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Happy Birthday Carl!!!! .... I'm right behind you....

Hey bro have a wonderfull birthday and many years of good health.

The Bowhunter family
Happy B-Day!
And throw something up in the air today, by all means. Even if it's a small one... you know...like a M or... ;)
Happy happy birthday bro!!

Launch some rockets, spend time with the kids, eat a good meal. :D
Happy Birthday Carl! Hope your havin' a great day.

Paul Hoetjes
Thanks everone!!! It was indeed a good day spent with the kids and family...I did tip a couple cold ones and had a great time.

Thanks again,

Happy Birthday Mr. Super Moderator! :)

I was going to pop out of a cake for your birthday, but everyone locked me in a closet to stop it from happening :D