Happy B'day vjp and Silverleaf

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Jan 20, 2009
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The same birthday and both big Energia/Buran fans! What are the odds???

Happy Birthday, guys.
Drew Tomko
Weeeeel, has anyone really ever seen the two of them in the same place at the same time? :p

Happy birthday to both of you :)

HEY, I've been so used to the clock being off, that I assumed these b'days popped up early. BUT, they are showing on my screen yet. I checked vjp's and it is tomorrow (???) Oh well, I guess you guys need to wait a bit before the party begins :)
happy b-day!

I dunno, birthdays in December... ...seems like a rip-off :D My dad and brother have december birthdays :)
Hey, thanks!

I'm now at that age where I finally understand the answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything!
My apologies for missing this thread, and a large thank you for the B-Day wishes. I've been busy with real life stuff, writing reviews, and taking care of my Grandfather whom had a stroke. All in all I miss being around here and sharing your rocketry adventures, but am still alive.

Happy Holidays to everyone..


We missed you!:(

And vjp, without looking at your profile from you statement and having raised a teenager I'd say you were...16?:D
happy belated b days.. I also missed this thread

2 of the great group of scale modelers in the forum!

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