Happy B'day Stymye

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Jan 17, 2009
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WOW!...almost missed it!

Hope you had a good one!
Ditto here, have a good day :)

Geesh a typo even in this post...it was waaay tooo late :eek:
Happy Day to ya stymye, hope it is the best one yet.
thanks for the birthday wishes every one!
I'm taking the day off work and slept in for a change. I work at home doing cad work so it's nothing out of the ordinary (thats why I'm online and in here so much) but quite relaxing for a change.

I got some more airbrush paints for my birthday , so I've been lazing around and painting my Big Daddy.I'm anxious to see what the wife has cooked up for me this evening !
Hope I caught this thread in time yet Stymye...
Happy B-Day!
Happy B-day Stymye!

Hope you got some cool new rocket stuff!!