Happy Bday Jim Hendrickson!!!

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Jan 17, 2009
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holy crap your old ;)

lol have a good one. Hope you get a better lock for your cage!!! :p

Why thankyou Ben.

This is one drag race you will never win!

No matter how fast you go.....you can't catch me !!!! LOL

Now I have to go see my SkyHiatrist, to deal with partimer's issues.
Happy B-Day Jim
I take that offer on drag race, your Night creature again'st mine
next week in orangeburg. I think we can "I" something and stay under 3000!
Wished I could go for a J350 , but that a bit much, but not for Vegas later this year.:cool:
Hope you had a very -crazy- birthday.

Hope to see you at Southern Thunder '09!
Happy day! Great time of the year for a birthday... ...the winter season is coming to an end and rocketry season is about to begin :D
Well, shoot! Happy Birthday Jim! :D

Thought for sure you would 'correct' Ben in misspelling your name!LOL
SO, inquiring minds want to know exactly how ancient you are, Jim?? How 'bout it?

Oh I've been 29 for along time now! Actually I was born during the Korean war, so that makes me 57, going on 16!

As they say though...."been rode hard and put up wet" still got a few years of flying left though!

As far as winter goes, I got away from that when I was 28. Used to live in Ohio, the last winter there, every time it would snow, I went to Florida.
Would stay there till the snow stopped,had 127 days off, not including weekends.

When the help at the hotel I was going to, started just keeping the same room for me, and calling me by my first name, finally decided it would be wiser to just move.

I have my own saying about snow and ice....."The only thing snow and ice are good for are on mountain tops and in a drink!".
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How the heck are ya ?

How's the Part-timers doin' ?

Well, I think I'll go to the Magic Kingdom to help you celebrate !

Happy birthday Jim!!

Care for a slice of banana cake?
happy happy birthday baby!!!!!!!
hope your skys are clear and the wids low. have a good one.:):eek::cool: