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Dec 31, 2002
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Happy B'Day Jetra...you gotta permit to drive that thing?
Permit? He don need no steenking permit !!!

Happy B-Day anyway !!!!
Yay! Jason's getting older! Happy Birthday buddy!

You've accomplished quite a bit at age 16. It will certainly be a year you can look back on with great pride. Most kids at your age are well on the road to self-destruction or irresponsibility. I am truly amazed at your motivation, level of responsibility, and maturity. All you need to do now is focus on your road to Embry Riddle or whatever path you choose to further your education or pursuit of engineering.

Take care and I will see you later this evening so we can eat some cake and maybe shoot off a rocket in your front yard! LOL! :D
It's your birthday? :confused:

It's only been a year since your last one!

Go figure.

Have a good one!

happy b-day guy! :)

sheesh! 17! very cool. See if you can get a cake in the shape of a rocket :)

Hope you have a happy! If the weather clears up, i'll launch a rocket in your name.
17 - Happy Birthday!!
If I only knew then..........;)

Have a great day, burn some BP and AP:D
Have a good one! Rockets, cake, and friends, how could it not be good? :)
Happy birthday Jason, hope you have a uber funky day!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes...I feel liked!

Jim - Make it a Deuce and I'll be a happy boy! :D ;) j/k!

Eugene - Thank you. I know myself that what I do is important SOMEHOW. 16 was a great year, yes it was.

Johnnie, Ken - I do have my learner's permit, and am considering getting my license after I get a job and can pay for the insurance! :eek: :eek:

Sandman - whatcha makin' me? :D :D j/k

Thank you all again.

My birthday started with me cooking an entire package of bacon for myself...mmmmmmmm...PORK FAT RULES! Earlier, I was cleaning my room...heckuva birthday, huh? :confused:

I can't wait until tonight! I love Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse! :D :D


Happy Birthday Dude!! Eugenio was right, you've had a heckuva year!!!

Hope your 17th year is twice as good!!!:D

Happy Bday! Was the bacon cut into little dueces wild shapes?:D ;)

An entire pack... You must be stuffed!;) :D I wish *MY* mom would let me eat that much...

I think you have PLENTY of dueces already;) :D :kill: well, actually, theres no such thing as plenty of dueces. I take that back. SRRY JIM!:eek: :kill: :eek:
Happy Birthday Jason!!!
May all of your presents have canted motors (in whatever quantity!):cool: :rolleyes: :cool:
Originally posted by jetra2
My birthday started with me cooking an entire package of bacon for myself...mmmmmmmm...PORK FAT RULES! Jason
Yet another fan of Emeril!;)

Anyways, happy B-Day bro! I hope its a great one! :D
Happy B-Day!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya on the drill bits!! Pile up all the presents in a pile and post a pic!! I'm sure there must be some rocket goodies in there someplace!!:D
I got all kinds of goodies!!! :D :D :D

From Eugene I got a Super Big Bertha and a coping saw! Thanks buddy! Oh, and a great card picked out by his girlfriend, Shanti - I'll have to scan it or take a picture of it! It's awesome!

From my mom's cousin I got ten bucks! Rocket money!

From my neighbor across the street I got 20 bucks! Rocket money!

From my grandfather I got a $25 dollar check! Are we starting a trend here?! :D

From other friends and relatives that I forget their relation at the moment :rolleyes: I got another 25-ish bucks (hey, I'm tired, and don't wanna count right now!

From my parents I got the most awesome gift ever!


YAHOO! I have to buy some attachments for it soon, but still...to my parents who will undoubtedly read this at some point, THANK YOU!

It was a great birthday! I hope that seventeen is just as good or better than sixteen!