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Mar 14, 2004
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40 years ago this month my dad found an Estes catalog sans cover thrown under our car. He rescued it and gave it to me. After memorizing it twice, I asked for and received an Astron Sky Hook.

Presently on the painting rack, waiting for the final clear coat to dry, is a Semroc clone Sky Hook, painted just like my original. I proudly showed it to my wife, who after seeing me build the Weasel and Vulcanite, said "But it's so TEENY!"

Well, yeah, but at the time it was a medium sized model.

Here's the Estes "family photo" from that catalog year. Sky Hook is standing, 2nd from left.


I'm going to do a review of it, and the Rock-A-Chute Mk II (also finished today), but since EMRR has a request out for any Semroc kit reviews, I'll post them there. Besides, I have to go get yet another disposable camera, use it up, and the get pics back.