Happy B-day Elapid and JRThro

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Dec 31, 2002
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Elapid (43), JRThro (47)

We did not forget about ya...Ha! your older'n me :D

Have a good day, hope ya get lots of good stuff!
Birthdays on the weekend just make it that much sweeter.
Have a great one!
an Estes big daddy to bash, 300' of parachute cord for shroud lines, 20' of kevlar rope ( i think it's kevlar kern with nylon mantle), 2oz each of thin and medium viscosity CA glue, some balsa moldings for the composite fins i'm making...

i went for a drive in the Cobra...drove too fast...had a great time!
no tickets!
i made an appointment with the optometrist to have my eyes examined for glasses. maybe it will help in seeing those rockets waaaaaaay up there...sure can't hurt!
we had a fabulous sushi dinner!
wife made a cake :)
i think i may go catch a movie tonight...i haven't seen the new Harry Potter flick yet...

mom asked what i wanted...'stuff' or money...i said, "green goes well with anything!"