Handy Trick for Clamping Round Objects

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Dec 24, 2003
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While looking for a way to hold my angle iron based fin guide in place, I came up with an idea that some of you might find useful. I tried using those Velcro based adjustable tie wraps. You can daisy chain them together to make longer clamps and they are cheap enough to take to a launch and not fret about losing.

Of course rubber bands still work, howver they are a little less adaptable.

Here is a link to describe them however any electronic, computer, or office supply store has them in 5 packs.

Excellent tip! I didn't even knew Velcro tie wraps existed. I will have to find some place to buy some of these.


Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055

You bio sez you are a Rocksim Wizard. Any suggestions about how to include staging electronics in a design? That is, other than as a simple mass object?
I got my velcro ties at Office Depot, but I've seen them in Home Depot, Lowe's, and even in drug stores!


What do you have in mind? There are several ways you could simulate off center mass objects, but I am not sure RockSim will handle the calcualtion for each technique the same way. You could easly simualte the staging electronics as an inside tube, a construct that allows you to specify radial distance and angle. You could adjust the material and wall thickness of the inside tube to simulate the weight of the electronics.

Give me more details, are you looking to simulate wire and condiut and/or an elecronics board with a battery? If so do you have any measurements of the weights and sizes of of the components?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
In another thread, I am starting a project that is an Upscale CCEXPRESS. My goal is a GGEXPRESS on two G80's. I'll propably use aeodynamic drag to separate the stages, yet I will need to mount a timer and battery for the 2nd stage start. I want to primarily worry abou the off axis weight of the timer and battery, A will be using a PerfectFlite timer to fire the sustainer. I have not yet decided how I will deploy the recovery system.

My initial simulation calls out for 2600 feet and I am planning on usinf this for a 1/2 mile precision altitude shot.