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Fun little rocket build....but with shortening the body tube even more to match the original SNOOP and using the 18mm motor mount, there is not much room left for a chute compartment. The BERTHA nose conical section was cut off and a flat bulkhead was added with a screw eye for a little more space for a chute and wadding. Lift-off on a B6-4:
With such a short body tube, I also added about 1 oz. of clay for nose weight for the 18mm motor. The flight was very nice....up very straight and as soon as the motor quit it immediately flipped over and fell nose first STRAIGHT back down toward the pad with tracking smoke and that EYEBALL coming right at you!! The chute popped and gently came back down!
This flight was a 10-rating all the way, and a perfect landing! I guess that EYEBALL is checking for any damage???;) ;) I recommend building one of these....lots of fun!!!:D
Nice work on those pumpkins, very cool! Cute kids too.

As always, I turned our front patio area into a mini haunted house. Mostly I used the same props that I've been using for over 21 years, including some severed heads, a goblin, and blacklight paintings of nasty creatures -- all things I've made myself. Also various skulls, spiders, etc and lots of jack o'lanterns. This year I made a new creature, a life-size corpse draped in black robe and tattered shrouds. I had to use some skeleton gloves for hands, but by next year I'll give him some better hands that will more closely match the decayed look of his face.

And I made some special gloves to complete my own costume -- the gloves had extensions to make the fingers longer and more pointed, with shriveled skin and all painted black. The rest of the costume was a black robe and black, faceless mask. The total effect was very creepy!

All the kids in the neighborhood love coming to our house, and so do many of the parents.

I'll post some pics soon.

BTW, I also made some roasted pumpkin seeds using the recipe posted on this forum. Very tasty, thanks for posting it! My wife especially liked them.

This is what the kids ran into on my sidewalk leading up to the house...

It would swoop and dance in their faces...


I ran some 50lb fishing line between a couple of trees... then diverted it into a side window... Worked great...

Bear in mind being in the dark with only natural light...I've always loved this stuff... We do something different every year... neighborhood people come just to see what's new...