Guess who launched some ROCKETS?????

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May 10, 2011
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Well, I have been waiting for a launch since last november, and I got sick of waiting. So I finnaly went to fly some bigger motors on my own!

First I flew a flying saucer on an E9-8. It was a great flight, but my mom freaked out... She was mad because she thought it was "too much power for something made out of paper". I shudder to think what she will say when she finds out what my Shadow and Flame is made of...:D ;)

Next up was a flying saucer on a C6-3. That was another great flight.

Then, I put a D12-3 in my newly-made altitude bird... Minimum diameter, VERY low weight, and a 24MM motor mount:cool: I must say that I forgot how exiting 24MM minimum diameters on BP Ds and Es are... That thing just kept going and going and going and GOING!!!!:cool:

But, there is bad news. It shredded at engine burnout:(

Actually, im not exactly sure WHAT happend... It just flew apart as soon as the engine stopped. The streamer went of to never-never land, and the rest of the rocket (and nose cone) went into a glide. I think its on top of the middle school roof now...:rolleyes: :( It was a good rocket, while it lasted. Great flight, too. I didnt have rsim at the time, so I just had to wing it and hope for the best. I might make an rsim of it tonight just to get an idea of how high it went.

No pics of this launch, sorry. Just a huge video of the flying saucer leaving the earth behind on an E9-8. And its too big to post...:(

Just wanted to brag about my succesfull launch!:D

It seems every time I go to that field I loose a rocket.... Last time it was a stretched Mosquito, then an Alpha 3, now my high-altitude bird... The alpha 3 caught a gust of wind, and the mosquito just dissapeared... I *KNEW* I shouldent have painted that durned thing GREEN!;)
the rocket didnt really shred....well kinda....a D12-3 is a very bad choice for a minimum diameter rocket and as soon as the motor burnt out (actually 3 seocnds after) the ejection charge went off and there was deployment this happened at high speed and cause the rocket to come to peices.
Well... Yeah...:D ;):eek: That would proabably be the cause... But the shred (or whatever it was) happend only 2 or 3 seconds after I pressed the button, by my best guess. Go figure. Im not using 3 second delays on minimum diameters anymore, of course... Methinks I learned a lesson...:eek: I knew it would be a short delay, but I didnt think THAT short... I thought it would at least have a second or two to slow down....:eek:
Well if I were you I'd use a -7 next time you try that. Otherwise your launch sounds sweet.

Oh yeah, if ya really want her to freak out show her the Porthos 2 on

Tell her it's cardboard.
Neil, I think I figured out why it shredded when the motor burnt out. Being min. diameter, it will go really fast. Due to sound traveling faster than light, you heard the motor burn out as you saw it shred, so there could have been such a sound delay that the EC popped as you heard the sound fade. Just my guess, I've been paying too much attention is science :p.