guess what we just got on Direct TV...

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Feb 24, 2009
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the NASA channel!!!

I spent about ten minutes staring at the earth slowly turning beneath the ISS. Had to take care of some chores around the house. Didn't get back to the tv until around ten-ish. Then watched footage of astronomers discussing the Venus transit, atrophysicists discussing the jets of material eminating from the Trifid Nebula, information and footage of Cassini approaching Saturn (OI June 30th!), and the Kepler space telescope ... I was SO GEEKED. :D
Great channel !

We got it through the basic package of Dish Network - 31 bucks a month gives me all the Discovery, Sports, History and Nasa a growing rocketeer needs.

Now all we need is the Rocketry Channel...hmmmmmmmm

Some of the programming on the Nasa channel could be better, but overall its outstanding.

Channel 376. Weird, I remember back a half a year or so ago, I was skimming around the channels and came across 'NASA.' I was like, "Cool, we got a NASA channel! I have to watch this!" Clicked on it, it was some cheesy movie/soap. I thought, "Well, maybe this is just to fill space....Ill watch it for another 10 minutes." ...later... "Hey! It's still that cheesy soap! I thought this was the NASA channel!' I continued to check it out every week or so, still a cheesy soap or movie. :confused:

Anyway, after reading the parent post, I checked again: Success! Weird....I'm not sure what was with that channel. Anyhow, Im glad that I have it now.
on my system the Nasa channel is not on around the clock that may be why you saw different programming on the same channel
Ours is channel 116 on Dish network. Many times you'll find no regular broadcasts, but instead either "off the air", or childrens shows.
The NASA channel is around the clock on basic cable here in Eureka. The live coverage of launches, tests etc. is neat.

I like the historical stuff better than the newer presentations, way too happy-smilely...

I really hate that little green baggy alien character they have on the education segments. It is stupid! And badly animated too! Haven't they viewed my demo reel yet??

NASA channel runs the CALTech 'Mathmatics' program - watch for it.
Especially if you have kids (of any age). An excellent way to visualise
trig and higher math.

True Story-
One Saturday morning, I was drowsing on the couch watching my then
3-year old daughter play on the floor. We had the NASA channel on
and they were covering some calc for orbital mechanics or something...

Later that day, she's drawing doodles of differential equations in her
coloring book! :)

This fall she'll be a Senior in H.S. and is still tops in her math classes.

I'm so proud!
I spent fifteen minutes last night watching Mission Control in Korolev, Russia, listening to flight controllers natter away in Russian, watching the position of the ISS. I'm so pathetic. :p
I'm such a nerd - I love the NASA channel. I was pretty geeked up when I switched to DishNetwork about a month ago and discovered I had it!

It has become my default channel. My other favorite viewing is Tuesday nights on the Science Channel, starting at 7 pm (actually, I like the Tuesday night SciChnl better than NASA most of the time.)
Originally posted by Fore Check
actually, I like the Tuesday night SciChnl better than NASA most of the time.

My impression so far is much of the footage you see on NASA is the raw material from which Sci fashions their programs. My biggest disappointment with Sci (and Discovery Wings, when they air a space-themed piece) is that many times the material is five years old. That may be meaningless in other fields, perhaps... but when you're showing 3D models of the "proposed Mars Pathfinder mission" - when Spirit and Opportunity are kicking up dust - well, it kind of seems cheap.

(BTW, NASA just showed the Expedition 9 crew modifying Orlon suits for an EVA later this month.)
NASA put out an advisory that they will be changing this channel to an 'all digital' signal soon.

Those of you getting this channel on the DISH network will probably be unaffected. Those who get this NASA broadcast directly on their own receiver will have to get a converter to keep watching.