Guees what i got to do....

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Jan 25, 2004
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On Saturday I got to go and launch my Nike Smoke with my dad and LCO. We used a Pro 38 I=287SS (thanks Anthony for getting that motor liner out for us!). It was a "straight-as-an-arrow" flight. I will have pictures when joepolicy gets back to Germany and loads the pictures on his camera.
Ya... he was going to the Freedom Launch with us but when that got cancleled we went out to our club and had a "mini launch"
And I flew mine, too! Mine was on an I357T, though. About 750 feet, and, like yours, straight as an arrow! Backup charges fired perfectly off my Perfectflite altimeter. the Oxral ematches worked great. Now I wanna get a J350 or something... :rolleyes: You guys werent kidding when you said I would want to blow all my spare cash on motors to put this rocket up on! :D

Sounds like a great flight. Heres a pic of mine... The pic is a little fuzzy cause my camera screwed up... Ah well. Here it is anyways. Cant wait to see yours, and compare notes! :D
The Nike smoke lived up to its name - that SS motor put out more smoke then both of my cert flights combined. It was an awesome flight, went totally out of sight against the dusky sky and then had a perfect recovery. Karatekicker did a great job on the build! Guess what my next HPR will be? ;)