GSSS Launch Report 12/18

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Feb 16, 2009
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Randolph NJ
Finally after months of rainouts we got a great winter day here in NJ, sunny, very little wind, and about 42 deg. Started with my trusty old Alpha III on an A8-5, great flight no problems. Followed that with the Wizard on an A8-5 also, good flight as well. Then my son's Skywriter on a B4-4, this one always delivers great flights. Next up was the maiden flight of our Estes Bullpup on a B4-4, perfect motor for this bird and a picture perfect flight, landed 15 ft from the pad. This was followed by the Estes Javelin on a 1/4A3-3T always a crowdpleaser, nice quick low flight. Finally (as it turned out) the first flight for our Estes Merc Redstone. Went up on a C6-5 ejected, everything was looking good for recovery close to the pad for both parts and whammo, the capsule hangs up in a tree about 45 ft up! Well after about an hour with our club's 50Ft telescoping pole I finally got the durned thing back but it was not easy and by the time I was done, it was time to leave, so unfortunately I didn't get to fly our space shuttle.

On the plus side fellow TRF member Lugnut and his son came out to launch with us and had some good flights, and oh I did get to see my first Deuce flight, that thing is pretty cool!

Sorry no pics yet, we did have a regular old 35mm camera so maybe I can scan some in if we get them developed soon. I think that's it until spring, it's now about 20 degrees out and windy, I'me going to get another cup of hot tea now!

Glad to hear you got the capsule back. So I presume you can curl 100lbs now with ease ;) That pole is a mutha.

I had about 5-6 launchs in before we had to go. My two SPRockets (seen elsewhere in the LPR forum), the Quest Super Eagle, the Lune R-1, and one or two others I can't recall (one of the old Centuri rockers). All launched well (except for a testy B engine that would light easily in my homemade job) and recovered w/o hassles.

Nice day with little wind. Field was kind of muddy and a lot of goose deposits about, but us rocekteers in NJ can't be picky.

Wonder when someone is going to take down that tree in the middle of the night....
Yeah, that pole is to say the least, a pain. But it is a necessary evil, and it did save the rocket! When I returned the pole to the guy who keeps it for us, he told me I was the most persistent guy he'd ever met! I didn't tell him I was about ready to give up, hehe! You should see that tree when we launch on a windy day, there's a reason we call it the christmas tree, what with all the ornamental rockets hanging off it. I'd normally be all in favor of getting rid of it, but in the summer we park under it to beat the heat, so it does some good at least.