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Mar 14, 2004
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In preparation for the move to Dallas, we're geeting a new ground support vehicle. It does other stuff too, but who cares? Not only did I get to pick what I wanted (a white minivan, I didn't care about anything else, and wouldn't know the difference) I get to have it painted the way I want. I tossed this photo into Paint and dressed it up the way I'll paint it.

With a bracket on the rear roof for holding a rudder, it'll be ready for flight.

And maybe a Yoyodyne logo on the door?
I think you should give it a paint job like the NASCAR guys... but with rocketry stuff instead....

paint job?!? who cares, its just gonna rip off when your going mach8 into orbit :D
Originally posted by 11Bravo
Here is one of my primary support and recovery vehicles-


Ooh...I like that recovery vehicle! Very handy for those long drifts!

This year my girlfriend upgraded her vehicle. I had an evil grin from ear to ear when we were out shopping 'cause I knew I could coax her to let me use it for my rocketry adventures. :D My car is only a compact 2 door. Hopefully within the next year or so I can get something more practical - like a Subaru WRX wagon! ;)