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Sep 5, 2004
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I've got started on making a rocket out of gripfill (instant nails, that type of thing) tubes, and I'm just wondering which RSOs (or other enlightened individuals out there) would actually let it fly? The thing is, to complete the look, it has the nozzle from the tubes as well, but it ain't exactly aerodynamic that way.

Any thoughts?
Make sure it is stable with a swing test, and it looks like it wouldn't hurt to have a high-thrust motor to bypass the drag created. Are there fins? (I don't see any, that's why I ask.)


Thanks for the welcome!

There will eventually be suitable fins. The motor mount is a 24mm, so it's D or E for engines. Unfortunately, the rocket is currently 60 miles south of me (just started uni), and I won't be able to do anything with it, much less fly it, for quite a while.
Might be a perfect time to get a Micro-Hybrid (24mm motor) ;) You could use one of those tubes as a alt bay...ect...
Welcome to TRF! :D
I was thinking of doing that. Currently the bottom two tubes are the body, with the upper tube acting as a nosecone (nosecylinder, really). So the upper tube is free for payload.