Greg Lake died. :(

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Nov 29, 2011
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Buford, Ga
I just heard that the second member of ELP to die passed away today. Greg died after a long battle with cancer. I'll be listening to a lot of ELP music again for the next few days.
Sad news. The original King Crimson album was one of my favorites.
Would 2016 just get over? We've lost so many legends this year... Enough Already!
A must see concert/documentary DVD by another symphonic rock genius showing the story of his family's history behind the story told in the album, "The Wall."

As a bassist and prog rock guy I am bummed. Very talented man. Been a rough year.
Tis the season.

Guess I won't hear him play his one ever again....with Tull's Ian Anderson.
Except in vids.

Back in the mid 80's they had a brief stint with Cozy Powell, called themselves Emerson, Lake and Powell. Caught the show at Reunion Arena in Dallas....we were only a few rows away from Keith and Greg doing an acoustic Lucky Man, sitting on bar stools. It was amazing and I can still remember it clearly.
Damn - first Keith Emerson and now Greg Lake! 2016 took two thirds of my all-time favorite band away!