Great short video of FAI World Championships!

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James Duffy

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Jan 19, 2009
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If you've ever wondered what a World Championships rocket range looks like, this short video from the organizers of the recent FAI event in the Ukraine provides a great window into the madness. Several US flyers are featured, including Jim Filler, Jay Marsh, and Zackary Stenberg.


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Jan 18, 2009
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Thanks for posting that.

BTW - at 1:06, that is Zackary Stenberg. His favorite color is green, so his Tx is trimmed out in green while Alyssa's Tx is trimmed out with her favorite color (blue).

BTW #2 - On the left of the screen in Zackary's clip, is the guy posting this message.... :)

Pic below of the US JR S8D (D R/C Rocket Glide) Team, which took 3rd place (Bronze Medal). Stoil Avromov, Zackary Stenberg (6th place), and Alyssa Stenberg (4th place). Zack & Alyssa were very close to winning a gold medal (missed the landing bonus 20 meter landing zone on round 1, a 60 second bonus. Their scores less than 60 sec behind the winner).

Their models were Raven-10's, designed by Bob Parks. I fabricated the wings and most of the fuselages.

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