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Jun 30, 2010
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Heres my 2cents worth on the awesome Estes customer service!

I launched my Blue Ninja on a Estes C11-5, it made quite a loud bang at ignition, it also put a reasonable size lip/curve on my blast deflector & bent the launch rod at the 2peice connecting point. I contacted Estes using the new website and they got back to me the same day about the problem. Today I recieved a brand new blast deflector & 2 3mm launch rods :D
Thanks Estes!!!!
Thats aint bad after-sales service, especially with a ocean between you & Estes! :D
Estes takes a lot of ribbing here sometimes, some of it good-natured and some of it not, mainly because they're not the "same old Estes" we remember from the 1960s and 70s.

But most experiences I've ever had with them, way back in the day and also much more recently, have been pretty good. I think they usually try to do right by their customers.

Now that they junked their goofy-horrible web site and came out with a good new one, have come out with an interesting-looking series of X-Prize models for actual rocket builders, well, thumbs up to them! :D
Estes customer service has helped me out a couple times - good service for sure.

Christine will do about anything to keep a customer happy. She's a sweetheart!
I have Christine's number and everything but, since I do attend school all day, I can barely find time to call her. Does anyone know her email?
From my perspective, Estes has the best customer service of any recent company I've dealt with, in any industry!

Whoever sets the tone there as truly established the right type of customer service.