GPSFlight STXe Telemetry Package

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Jan 17, 2010
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I have a GPSFlight STXe telemetry setup for sale. It consists of a GPS reciever, GPS antenna, transmitter, 'rubber ducky' antenna, battery pack, base station, and USB cord. It has flown once aboard a 'L' rocket and has been stored since. It interfaces with GPSFlight's software to provide lattitude/longitude, heading, GPS derived altitude, and other information. To learn more about the features and capabilities, is the best resource. This model was purchased ~2.5 years ago. I do not have the original CDs that came with the package with drivers/software; however, I was able to download these and get it running on my Vista laptop in about 20 minutes. I also have a .PDF copy of the user's manual. In addition, I have videos of the software in action on my laptop for anyone who is seriously interested. I paid about $850 new in 2007. The current GPSFlight model sells for $370, base station is $350, and the attennas/battery pack will set you back another ~$50. I'm asking $400 shipped. Pictures: