GPS Rocket Locator Program Poor performance with "photomaps"

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Nov 25, 2009
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Central Illinois
Hey, Finally took a plunge and got a Blu Android phone for $49.00 that would take my GoPhone simm card. Yeah, yeah, I know. AT&T, less bars in more places. Nonetheless it works for me especially since I only use the phone for calls and Wifi only for internet. 400 minutes $100.00 for a year. I figure $8.33 a month for phone access is cheap plus once one gets to the $500.00 limit, just keep it at the $500.00 limit and call their service line and they'll
give it to you for another year. Technically my monthly cost is less now.

But.................. On to the Android program GPS Rocket Locator question. Anyone notice that the "photomaps" option on GPS Rocket Locator program is not working so well anymore?
At least that's what I noticed with this "new" Blu Studio G Plus Android phone on WiFi. Can't get it to display the photo maps reliably nor download them anymore. The OSM maps are
working well though on this device. Is this the "new" reality or is it my Blu phone that is at fault?

I fortunately downloaded a pile of photomap tiles on several tablets of my two local launch sites that are cached so I still have those devices to use.

Anyone noticing the same behavior? If not, that's nice and I can blame it on my device only. Kurt