GPS Map 78 on sale for APRS tracking

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Nov 25, 2009
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Central Illinois
FWIW the GPS Map 78 is on sale: Has the round serial port so one can connect it up to a D7A (if they have a working one) D72A, VX-8GR (only a GR will
work none of the other Yaesu rigs are directly compatible) and probably a D74A if one has the spare change for it. This works well with APRS Ham radio GPS tracker so all the Beeline GPS units work with this.
If I'm lazy with my Beeline GPS tracked rockets and don't want to dink with a tablet or a linux box, I fire up my D72A and with the single wire connection to a 60 Cs or CsX one is good to go with no muss, no fuss portable tracking.
The 78 Cs is compatible too as it has the round port. If one has a Tech License and doesn't want a permanent record of a flight this is about the easiest and reliable way to track though it is not the cheapest. It is "cheaper" now than
trying to do live Ham APRS tracking 12 years ago. Just get this cable: Kurt