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Jan 21, 2009
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A picture to prove I got the BAR Bug. I have been lurking here for awhile getting hints and ideas. I guess it is time to start building. I will post update pictures on some of the clones you see here. Taurus, Jayhawk, Vulcan, Vector-V, Orbital transport, ect.
Hey!!! Welcome to The Rocketry Forum!!!

That's quite a collection you have there! I noticed a Centuri Vulcan and The Point lurking in the picture.

I built each of them recently myself. I made a MicroMaxx version of both of them.

Since you say you are a BAR, Welcome back into the hobby!!!

I just got back into the addiction.... oops, I mean hobby.... this spring and I'm way more involved this time around.:D :D
Welcome back to rocketry and welcome to the forum! I notice you're near Cincinnatti - if you're interested, come out and fly with Quark at VOA park in Westchester! Check for more information on the club. I believe our next launch is August 14 and 15, starting around 9 and going until around 6.

Originally posted by radiO
what does BAR stand for?
Born Again Rocketeer. Someone who used to fly rockets as a kid in the 60's, 70's or 80's, got out of the hobby, then got back into it now as an adult.
Ditto on what others have said , Welcome to the forum!
Your collection is pretty impressive, is that a Pro Series Patriot or the 18mm Estes one?
The Patriot is the Estes 18 mm.
Here is a closer view of it next to the Semroc Laser-x
Thank you for posting a picture.
I wish I orderd a Patriot now , instead I got a Outlander:rolleyes: Next time eh:p
...just put Semroc in my favorites, hadn't seen their site yet. cool rockets for a great price! how is the quality???
Semroc quality is realy impressive! I now have a Mark II & 3x Hydra 7's :D You carnt get better then Semroc at price and quality!
The quality of Semroc kits are the VERY best. Laser cut fins, great instructions, sharp decals. Every thing about Semroc is first rate. My Laser-X really turned out great. I forgot to mention that each kit comes with a specification decal that fits on the optional $3.00 Rocket display rack.
sweeeeet! Is that black line at the root of your fin a decal or is it painted on? That rocket looks sweet , well done!!
The small decal that shows you the production number ect is realy neat!
"Is that black line at the root of your fin a decal or is it painted on?"

....i had the same question!
That black line is pin stripe tape that I got from the hobby store. If you look closely at the pictures of the Laser-X in the old Centuri catalogs you can see the same thin black line. The only way I could figure out how they did it was with pin stripe tape. It works good to hide the paint line between white and red. And it looks good also.
Great work! Welcome to the forum. I'm a noob BAR, too!
Your finish work is awesome. I don't work that hard! :D
Nike-K done. Thunderbee in the paint booth. Baby Bertha ready for filling the fins and primer. Apollo, primed the tubes, motor mount built, painted transitions and made one chute...
Icarus (to D motor) for Video; Stormcaster; Fat Boy - in the bag.
And some more stuff from BRS on the way.
Going to build a Mini-Cobra, found some 13mm 0 motors!:cool:
yeah, its hard to spend a lot of time sometimes when there is the chance they are going to go bye-bye. seems i always lose my prettiest rockets. i limit my fill, sand, and primer to three times only!;)
You're right about worring about losing your pretty rockets. I might make fliers and showers. Or at least I will do a lot of practice flying with the simple stuff before I fly the rockets I put a lot of time in.

But me interest right now is reproducing old kits from my youth. I practiced my building and painting skills on some simple 3 fin kits. Now I feel ready to go for some of the clones I really want to do.
I'm not only a BAR, but a Re-BAR ... I was in rockets pretty heavy from about 1968-1973, when I was about 10-15, then took a brief 20-year sabbatical for stuff like college, women, drinking, a career, and other silly stuff like that.

I had the motive and opportunity in the summer of '94 and got back in, and actually did quite a bit of stuff, then whoomp, life changes, and I'm out again for what turns out to be 10 years.

But never completely, and finally life changes again ... I'm now in a job where I have some free time to spend (and a little bit of money too :rolleyes: ), plus I finally now live in a HOUSE, with an actual workshop in the basement!!! ... rather than a hole-in-the-wall apartment - so building rockets suddenly became something I could do without covering my dinette table with epoxy and spray paint cans!!

Plus I now have a nephew who keeps asking, "Hey, what are these rockets at your house all about? Do they really fly?"

:D :D

So I'm back, for the third time!! :D :p