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Got Parts? Low Power Mystery Box - KitBash Special

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Jan 11, 2012
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Central Virginia
<sigh> I've been cleaning the garage.

You know how you tend to accumulate parts? You know how you need one body tube, but buy the three-pack because it's a "better deal"?

After tossing out all the junk bits and pieces, I compiled all my low power components into a single box. While I could put the box-o-parts back on the shelf, I'd rather pass it along to someone that will use it. My young sons have moved to mid-power scale stuff, so my family won't be using these low power parts.

Body tubes, couplers, nose cones, motor retainer clips, even a couple of small kits...
It's boxed up as good as possible to protect the body tubes - my goal is to get it to you as undamaged as possible.

CONUS only (Sorry K'Tesh)

No need to post "PM Sent" - actual PM with 'Dibs' gets it for $15 to help offset the cost of shipping. (Paypal please) I promise You won't be disappointed.

(soda for scale only, not included)

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