Got my level 1 at MWP

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Jan 19, 2009
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Saturday was perfect for flying at MWP and I was able to make my Level 1 cert flight. Thanks to everyone in WOOSH and TQC that has helped me during this endevor! Also thanks to Dave Finch for not only selling me the kit but also for overseeing my cert flight. I flew a MadCow Sea Wolf on a I566 vmax. :clap:




Congrats on the L1!!! :D

I always like to see people do their L1 on something other then the baby H - H128W. Cert on an I, and a vmax to boot, very cool!
Nicely done, Dan.

Sorry I couldn't oversee it - I knew Saturday would be my only chance to fly. But I'll commit to doing your L2 when you get around to it.

The SeaWolf is beautiful up close as well, and the innards sure look better than those on my rockets, too.
Hey, I saw that rocket on Saturday! Nice looking! Congrats on the L1 :cheers:

Gotta love a VMAX for L1 :headbang:
Hey! That was a great flight! The rocket looks great!

My dad and me were the ones flying the gold and black Sumo on the same rack.
Congrats on the L1 Dan!:clap:...Welcome to high power rocketry, open your wallet! ;)

I open mine and moths fly out!:roll:
Thanks for the comments,
Paul, I will take you up on the level 2 once my bank account can handle it again. The motor selection credit goes out to Tim the Wild Man. I was looking for a H400 but he did not have one and suggested the I566. I was second guessing it last week as I was second guessing everything I did to the rocket but it was a perfect match for the rocket and it flew to about 1500ft. The rocket landed a couple hundred feet behind the flight line. I could not of asked for anythign better. Thanks again to everyone!


Beautiful rocket and beautiful flight:). Way to get your L1 in style!

Good job; see you at the Bong or on the sod.

Nice job on that Sea Wolf Dan! Looks great!

Congrats on the L1, hope to meet ya at Bong sometime.

:clap:congrats, somehow I missed the flight, I don't know how. This is the only photo I got.

I don't have any pictures of it in flight but I have a video. That is a great picture.