Got carded buying spray paint!

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Dec 5, 2013
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The other day at Home Despot, I was buying spray paint, and the automated checkout machine asked me to show my ID to the attendant. So, is this to crack down on graffiti, or are kids sniffing Krylon now?
I remember being ID'd for buying wood glue at walmart. I thought it was amusing that one could buy Estes motors there that one could hypothetically extract black powder from without ID but I got carded buying wood glue of all things.
it's weird that the rules are usually taken as literal, rather than being applied as required. It (obviously) removes any doubt or legal action should there be an error..

Like at NYPower, I was asked to show ID to buy beer... (I'm almost triple the age limit!!)

I remember having a cheap souvenir cigar cutter confiscated at NASA / Cape Kennedy. It was a young guy, going through my bags (no problem with that) when he came across the cigar cutter. He showed it to his superior, who, as the rule states, said 'no blades' so no exceptions. But the 6' tripod I had was OK. The pen I had was OK.. The fish hook tie clip I had on my ball cap was OK.. but not the cheap cigar cutter..
Walmart had that for years. Using the automated checkouts require a manager for paint, glue, sporting goods (even paper targets).

My favorite was buying 22 ammo. I had to be either 18 or 21 based on how I answered if it was for a rifle or pistol.

I was questioned by a real cashier at Walmart while buying about 20 cans of spray paint. As I was loading up, I said I planned to pass the cans out on Halloween (it was October). Lady looked like she was going to feint. LOL.
Yup, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Hobby Lobby all want ID. Unless you are old as dirt in which case they just approve the purchase.
I buy spray paint all the time, mostly for work and mostly at Lowes and Meijer (big box store in the Great Lakes region). Always buy it at a human cashier. I've only been asked for ID twice in maybe 15 years. Not sure what prompted them to ask me...maybe I was wearing skanky work clothes and looked like a degenerate.

I'll have to remember not to use auto checkouts.
I've bought spray paints before from home depot and not been carded. If i was they probably wouldn't sell it to me cause I'm still a teen.
some places it is store policy to card Everyone (if the item requires it) so the store doesn't get into trouble by selling to under age folks. it can be amusing, saw an elderly lady being carded for buying a bottle of wine.
It it probably a function of the local regs and how diligent the cashiers are. Last time I checked out at HD the self check register displayed 'see cashier'. It's been that way for years.
I was told by the cashier at the local dollar tree that if the person looked under 18 they could not purchase the candy called
Smarties . If they looked under 18 and could not show they were over 18 or 18 they could not purchase Smarties Candy

It seams that kids were crushing up the candy and sniffing the powder to get high !!
I was buying some stationary supplies at Wal<star>Mart, checking out at the self-service line, and the friggin thing started beeping like a car alarm. It was a Sharpie... apparently you can't buy them in CA unless you're over 18. #2 pencils will probably be next... they're a dangerous weapon, you know.
I wouldn't say I'm ancient (40 years old), but I remember buying ammo and 4F black powder as a teenager without any questions. That sure changed fast! Heck, I learned to reload shotgun shells from the guy that ran the one store.
I remember that, too. 14 years old, walk into the sporting goods store, "Gimme a box of those 22 shorts." "Here ya go, kid. That's 59 cents."

Now they ID old ladies for booze.
Ah yes, I was the ripe old age of 16 when I bought my first .22 at Surplus City. As cherokeej said, everyone now gets carded for alcohol here.
A few years ago, I'd intended to buy the wife a bottle of wine at Target. The cashier chickie asked for my ID. I glared and broke it my wallet. "No, you have to take it out of there".
"What? Why?"
"I have to scan it"
"er... No. You don't. Set that aside, I'm not buying it"

The word is "Customer" not "Consumer". They need me more than I need them.
*shrug*. The retail clerk is neither the person who passed a bunch of anti-youth policies nor advocated for a zero-tolerance undercover enforcement of same.

Now the choose-your-own-adventure payment terminals.... the corporation had a choice there, and I resent their incompetence.
Interesting, I haven't gotten carded for buying spray paint at Home Depot, Ace, or Michael's.

I *did*, however, get carded for buying a pack of Estes C motors at Michaels. Not at Hobby Lobby though.
Scan my driver's license...NOPE!

In many states, your driver's license contains your social security number, date of birth, address and a copy of your signature...all the makings for identity fraud. Do not allow them to scan it. If they insist and say it is store policy, walk away and take your business elsewhere.
In many states, your driver's license contains your social security number, date of birth, address and a copy of your signature...all the makings for identity fraud. Do not allow them to scan it. If they insist and say it is store policy, walk away and take your business elsewhere.

I agree 100%. We had a problem with that a while back and the Secret Service advised us not to provide our DL#. As you said, much more is encoded there days! All our doctors want it and we decline. So far, nobody has sent us away.
On a tangent to this, I see a lot of ads for DNA testing; 23 & me,, etc.. While cool, I do wonder if it's a disguise for government DNA tracking & profiling & other assorted data collecting..

And with amusement parks and other 'family' places, where they take your picture as you enter, and are then prompted to buy the print afterwards.. Again, a massive database of the day's visitors..
Can't say I've been carded for anything, ever. I must look more respectable than all the rest of you.

Or more pathetic.

Your choice.

Wait. I've been carded for rocket motors.

"L" Nazis.