Got bored, found tube, we all know the rest...

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Jan 26, 2009
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I introduce you all to *cue awsome theme music* the flying scrapile.

Yeah, i was bored, got a tube, found some cd's, had some left over tape... The only things that arent custom are the engine hook and i used an estes shock cord...

Came out good enough... It'll fly nice on b's or c's... String tested it and it flew perfect...



it actually got stuck in some light drizzle outside, but survived nicely...
No offense but that looks like my high school project where I had to roll my own tubes and make my own nosecone. No offense!!! :D It flew well until I lost it on a C!!!
How did you cut the CD's? Mine always seem to shatter. Of course, I always bend them over until they crack into many pieces.
just take a blade and skim, and skim, and skim, and make little progressive cuts on both sides, then bend it apart...

no offense taken, ive had worse LOL
once this rain stops lol

that and that paveway have to get there first flights soon....

this is inspirational...great...clever use of "stuff". I was just thinking about some mailing tubes that are just takin up space in the basement. Paveway looks great also. Mine's about %40 constructed til the weekend. I'm also gonna lose the "military" persona in the paint scheme.

Happy Trails
the attached one was 8 feet tall and fully scratch down to the engine hook and underwear for a shock cord

my god its 3 am

what is wrong with me.
found another tube so of course another little things on the way...

the project is stalled until i regain feeling in my finger

**** hot glue guns

**** them to hell.
sveinbjorn said Cool...yet another use for AOL CD'S

That was my immediate thought too. Wonder how CDs would do as centering rings. G10 it isn't, obviously, and the progressive deepening with a hobby knife might not work so well for cutting circles, but it's food for thought, I guess.