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Fire one off the island then chase it down with the boat and try to keep it dry.
Whatcha' think?:cool:

Tried that once, but my Big Daddy ended up in the lake. My boat was too slow. ;)

Actually, I was standing in the front yard, my boat was on the bank, and the Big Daddy flew in a big rainbow pattern from the front yard, over the house, deployed chute, and floated into the lake behind the house. I recovered a few minutes later by boat. :D

Here's a couple of catalog pics of my boat (although mine's a different color)



I've already got it planned. I'm gonna leave the fishing chairs on the bow deck at the dock, drive out to the middle of the lake, put the launch pad on the forward deck, launch, and chase.

I've been thinking about this one for a while.......
i got a gall. of latex i can dip my rockets in.
water recovery no prob. for me
Go for it! Be sure to take a bunch of pics :p. Are you sure there won't be any problems with your town/city, though? They might not like rockets shooting over their harbor...
very good idea....I have heard of it done in the winter but not in the summer.....just get to your rockets quick beforre they absorb to much water.
I bet it would be tougher than it sounds. Tricky winds, rocking boat, no brakes....I would love to watch!!
We get some pretty calm, "flat lake" days here in late summer.

As far as the "authorities" go, that's why I want to have a go from the boat itself, out in the middle of the lake! Seems like this would be pretty crazy!
There was, once upon a time, a group trying to make some kind of high altitude atmosphere sampling rockets fired from an array of buoys in the Pacific Ocean, powered by Cesaroni motors. No, really! They did tests on Hatzic Lake, about 50km from here.

Their test apparatus consisted of a launch pad on a wooden platform (two 2x4's mounted in a "+", styrofoam floats at the ends, with another 2x4 vertical at the center supporting the launch rail. The ignition wire was strung out across the water with fishing net floats every half-meter or so. These were HPR rockets, so the wire had to be quite long. Also if you didn't have floats on the wire, the sinking cable would try to pull the control boat and launch platform together.

Set it up, putter away, wait until there are no jet-skiiers around, hit the button, WHOOSH, disconnect the leads from your control box, drive off to get your rocket, come back for the platform and wire.

The real system would have had these stabilized boat-like buoys out in the ocean, each with >200 rockets, with launch controlled by a sensor that identified when the launch tube was vertical.

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