got a package today.

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Jan 25, 2004
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Just got my weekly supply of kits in today, inside the package was an Estes Executioner, an Estes Phoenix, an Estes Echostar, and of coarse the little Quark, I've got a Gemini DC on the way, was on this order but wasnt in stock, also should be coming into a PE 4"x60" Bullpup soon, just trying to keep busy, when you come home after a hard days work, nothing beats being able to sit down and slap a rocket together.

I'll probably do the Echostar and Quark tonight, and put off the Phoenix and Executioner until I get some more epoxy.
Wow, that would keep me busy for a month, probably several.

Relatively speaking I'm sort of new to this. Been fairly steady for the past year or so, depending on what's going on. I left a Supernova Payloader and WarpII for several years before I got those together and painted about 9 months ago. Now I'm doing about one or two a month. I like doing a little at a time and thinking about how to do the next step a little better than I did the last time.

Gotta Baby Bertha and and Polaris ready for painting, been reading a lot about prep work lately and want to do some more filling and sanding before the primer goes on. Also have an ARV Condor and Big Bertha still in the packages. The Big Bertha is next, but that Condor looks like it's going to be quite a challenge, I've already passed it up several times.

Where do y'all get most of your kits and engines? Right now, I get all my stuff from Wal-Mart and the local hobby stores which are not very well stocked BTW, but will keep me going for another month or two. I think I'm just about ready to start buying off the internet (as soon as I run out of options locally). I've seen some pretty awesome stuff put out by some of the guys on this listserv, but where do y'all get the conventional stuff (Estes, Quest...).
You sure can build some rockets!!! I'm with scadaman in that I am lucky if I get to build one a month!
I've read alot on this forum about folks buying their rockets off of the internet. Certainly for some of the smaller companies this is a must as very few hobby shops really know about anything that is not in any of their master catalogs from Great Planes and Horizon. Any hobby shop that is worth a darn should be able to order Quest, Estes, or whats left of Aerotech. My local shops carry many, but not all, of the products offered by these companies. anything that they don't have in stock I order from them and I usually get it within a week. My point is on some of the more common rocketry items we should make an effort to support local hobby stores. In my area there have been about 6 hobby stores that have closed in the last few years. I would rather spend a few more dollars on a kit and know that I am helping to keep a place in business where I can run in and grab glue, xacto knife blades, paint, engines and other spur of the moment needs. Several shops in my area offer discounts to our club ranging from 15-25% off. Please give the shops a chance and see what they can order for you before going to Tower Hobbies and the like that are helping to put hobby shops out of business.
I order my stuff from, You can buy Estes and Quest gear just about anywhere online, but some places are just a cut above the rest when it comes to service and convienience, ask around for a compiled list of perfered vendors, I personally have had great luck with therocketgarden. you can read my review of this vendor here.

My review of therocketgarden
heh heh, well, when I see a step in the instruction manual that says "let sit and dry" I just keep on building, it helps if you're using an adhesive with a quick tac such as CA glues, things go alot faster. :D