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May 2, 2009
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no, not al and tipper...

i'm thinking that the shape of the gore is the same whether there are 8 or 22, the only difference would be the resulting diameter in the finished parachute...

is this so?

reason being, i ran out of ripstop before i got 12 gores cut out.
i can either piece together one from the rest of the scraps i have, or make the chute with 10 or 11 gores to form a smaller canopy.
Well, the gores actually get thinner or fatter depending on how many there are.

Say you have a six gore chute but only use four. You'll get more of a football shape. If you have a six gore chute and use eight - you will get a flatter shape.

i made a paper model and discovered that if the top of the chute was flat, as in richard nakka's ellipsoidal chutes, removing one gore makes a cone, like you say, more missing gores would make a football shape, etc.

i reckon i'll have to piece together one last gore...

it's gonna be cool when it's done!
1.5m diameter for my Sonic 3100 with a 24" drogue to drop it at 50mph until it gets to 300' where the big chute will deploy.

i have a few supplies to pick up before we can start sewing.

wifey is helping out with the hard bits!