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Propulsion Lead, Agile Space Industries
Nov 17, 2015
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I flew my GoPro Session on my Level 3 and was flabbergasted by the quality of the footage.

Being a broke student though I can't be buying 2g 98's for every launch. I designed a new nosecone for my L1/L2 rocket to fly my GoPro Session on a 2.6in rocket.


The first flight led to an unfortunate early ejection charge causing the vehicle to shred at Mach .7. I did however get really swell video for the duration of the motor burn.

The nose cone is 3D printed, and the lid closes with a heat-set insert and a #8 screw.

The files are here.

Video from the unfortunate maiden flight:


Video from my L3 Flight, GoPro is the radial facing one at the end.
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