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Jan 18, 2009
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I know this is goofy but there is a meathod to my maddness but Dose epoxy stick to glass? The reason for this question im makeing a G-10 press where I can make my own. This will give scratch building a new outlook:D but I want thet smoothest finish possible. I havent had time to try it yet but I thought mabey some one would know.
I haven't tried it but I know people who have used it with peel ply and breather layers to keep a smooth surface.

Originally posted by edwardw
I haven't tried it but I know people who have used it with peel ply and breather layers to keep a smooth surface.


ummmmm whats peel ply?:confused:
I think he's referring to release film. Not sure what that is either, but if you look at InfoCentral under the vacuum bagging section, you might find more info on breather layers and release films.
Epoxy will not, in general, adhere to glass in any sort of load-bearing way. I've used glass plates to sandwich laminate cardstock to fins and it releases fairly well.

Epoxy will adhere to etched or scratched glass, or any imperfections on the glass surface.

Epoxy MAY lightly adhere to minor surface imperfections or dust/dirt on the glass, but will easily scratch off. I clean my glass with a razor scraper.

Disclaimer: These observations are based upon my experience with 5-minute and 30-minute epoxies from Devcon and other common sources. Other epoxies may have different adherence properties.

The only thing I would consider is that a fair amount of pressure needs to be applied in the laminating process. Glass does do to well in flexure do unless you can ensure thet the two press surfaces are completely flat , you mnay be asking for trouble. I'd consider a sheet of either aluminum or steel with an appropriate release agent.

Originally posted by Bowhunter
ummmmm whats peel ply?:confused:

Typically, mylar. Wax paper works well too.
Goes between the epoxy and whatever. Peels off.
I would be concerned with the glass shattering under the pressure that you need to make G-10????

I found that the ziplock bags work with out release of any kind. You can get the big one-gallon size for bigger projects. Don’t seal the zipper or it will pop and squirt epoxy all over.

I use 1oz. Ripstop nylon from Wal-Mart $1 a yard. It sometimes has a silicon coating that makes it the perfect peel ply…

You can fill the coating it will be stiffer then if it did not have the coating and if you try to blow thought the fabric to test it no air will get though…

People look at you funny when you do this so if you have an ego make sure no will see you.

P.S. if you are doing vacuum bagging, get the non-coated nylon….

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