good source for tubular nylon?

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Jan 27, 2009
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Has anyone found good places to get tubular nylon of different sizes at low cost? Not full spools, but by the foot.

I usually get climb spec 9/16" and 1" from REI($0.28 and $0.34 per foot for BlueWater TN). For a current 5.5" tube project, I'd like to get 3/4" to save some weight (will have a total of ~40' in 2 sections), but have a wider & stronger strap than 9/16".

Any ideas? Best I've seen is $0.44/ft for 11/16". Doesn't seem to scale well with the REI prices...
My guess would have been REI. I got some from there too.
Any rock climbing outfit should have it.

Public missiles is also quite reasonable and has a variety of lengths.
I went to REI last Sunday, they had red and blue 9/16" for $0.26/ft. that's up from the $0.22 I used to pay. the guy with 100' lengths on ROL sells it for quite a bit cheaper.