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Feb 29, 2004
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0 is proud to announce that we now carry Whitewings glider kits.

What does this have to do with model rockets? Can you say PARASITE GLIDERS?

Whitewings are high performance paper gliders scientifically designed to fly just like real airplanes. Made with high quality Kent Paper, each Whitewings Glider is the result of hundreds of hours of research and development. Whitewings are manufactured in two types: paper type and paper-balsa type. When properly tuned and under good conditions, Whitewings are capable of catching thermals and gaining altitudes equal to the clouds for unbelievably long flights (up to 300 yards)!.

Just imagine what kind of glides you can get when launched from 1000 feet in the sky!

Heres what some people are saying about Whitewings:

"Not only are WhiteWings suitable (for rockets), they're Fantastic!" - Jim Flis

"They are a blast to build and are the BEST fliers I have ever none!!!" - C. Tulanko

"They are fantastic. I have the ones with the balsa fuselages. They are great fliers.... solidly constructed so they should withstand powered flight well."
- Drew Tomko

"...they fly so well, you may never get it back if you get any kind of altitude!!!" - C. Tulanko

"I've been flying WhiteWings for years." - Jim Flis

Check 'em out at

John (not Jon) Arthur