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Apr 26, 2016
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Got three model rocket flights in this morning.

First off was my flagship Hornet on a 1/2A . Excellent flight. The model was now equipped with a 24” shock cord, so there were no more fin-mashing snap backs of the payload section. I think I’ll start flying this one on A engines soon. The field is certainly spacious enough and the model always lands close to the launch pad with streamer recovery.

Next up was the Mosquito on a ¼A. Set the launch rod angle at about 5 degrees from vertical. Good boost – was able to track the model to ejection, then it disappeared! Drat!! After a 15+ minute search I finally found the bird. Even in with super bright paint and a nice manicured turf, this bugger was still a challenge to find! The landing spot was 52 paces (Approx 150’) from the launch pad.

Note: you might notice that the engine is halfway out of the tube in the pre-flight picture. It was a loose fit, so before launch, I supported the model on the engine casing with a clothespin. Worked fine.

Had so much fun with the Mosquito, I decided to torture myself and fly it again. After all, my goal is to get at least 10 returned flights out of this beastie.

2nd launch was good, but some bright cloud cover prevented me from seeing the delay smoke trail. I had to rely solely on which direction I heard the ejection ‘pop’ to get some idea about where the bird would likely land. This time the search was only 5 minutes with the model being found around 90 paces from the pad.

Anyway, I’ve reconfirmed the fact that model rocketry is fun!!

Man, I’ve got to get some Boost/Gliders built and out on this field!

Hornet Aug 11.jpgMosquito 1st flight aug 11.jpgBig field, little bird.jpgMosquito 2nd flight Aug 11.jpg


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Jan 18, 2009
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Congrats on finding the Mosquito, Twice! Looks like a nice field to launch from.


Aug 8, 2016
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Nice work!

I would definitely get a couple of larger A/B/C rockets for that field - easier to spot on the decent as well! Our little Alpha IIIs zoom up there on C5s, but with A and Bs they are easy to track in smaller locations.